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From Saqqara in the Egypt of 2300 BC through the health spas of ancient Greece to the present day, Reflexology has been used widely in all continents.

Working on reflexes may help to relax tension all over the body and thereby may improve blood supply and balance in the whole body system. Indeed, in the last decade with the development of , the brain has been included in areas it is possible to treat the effects of PTSD

Different pressure is used from light to firm on the feet, ankles up to the knees. The nerves in the feet, reflex points acupressure points and linkage points are worked.

Many conditions are severely affected by our general wellbeing and factors of stress.

Currently doing ground breaking research on using reflexology on the limbic system - case studies include PTSD; anxiety; fibromyalgia; depression and much more.

Results looking very good so far - watch this space!

Reflexology has been shown to significantly reduce stress and therefore may help to alleviate many associated symptoms. Why not give me a call so that we can have a conversation about your needs. Telephone is best - call me now on 01332 280021

£40.00 per hour treatment - includes Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) - Julie is an Honorary Fellow

Call Julie NOW on 01332 280021 for an appointment

Note: It is recommended that reflexology is used alongside any current normal medical treatment. NB; For example two full time reflexologists work in the Macmillan unit at Derby Royal Hospital, fully funded through the NHS.

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