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  • Essences - Focus/exam I just wanted to let you know that the results are put and I got a beautiful first. Otherwise everything else is packed and ready for a new chapter in our life.
    I wanted to thank both of you for all the help I had. I may not have a chance to come around before we leave on Monday
    but if you could let me know how much I owe Julie for the focus drops she made last time and I'll transfer the money to her. Vaanee
  • Essences - Tinnitus I am now well into my seventies and have suffered with tinnitus since my early forties, my doctor has on several occasions, over the years, looked in my ears and been quite dismissive, suggesting that tinnitus is just one of those things. He offered a device rather like a hearing aid, which creates a counter-acting sound. This was not to my liking. Julie has done reflexology on my feet for a number of years, and on one occasion, seemingly out-of- the-blue asked, 'How's your hearing?' I commented on my tinnitus and she suggested I might like to try on of her essences. I agreed, perhaps a little sceptically, to give it a go, and a few days later, she phoned me to say that it was ready. I have used this now for over a year, and although I cannot say that my tinnitus has gone completely, I now have far more days without the constant buzzing than I do with. In fact, I often find myself having to listen to see if it is there! Thank you, Julie, for your skill and dedication! Dennis T Derby.
  • Reflexology I have been visiting Jules for reflexology ever since I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Graves and Graves Orbitopathy. This treatment has several benefits. Firstly I am made to sit down, recline and relax taking my feet off the floor. This is something I rarely do so relaxing is the first benefit. Jules is clearly naturally intuitive and knowledgeable along and can identify problem areas in my body systems by touching my feet before I've had chance to tell her. This amazes me and it's why I keep going back. I feel like she has my entire body's health in her hands. Jules explains which anatomical part she is treating as she goes along. My whole system benefits instantly. Within 2 weeks of my diagnosis my blood results had lowered to almost normal limits which was a surprise to me as my GP said it would take a month or two to get stabilised. I feel sure reflexology has contributed to these results. I have visited Jules with sore eyes, anxiety and nausea and each session has eliviated these symptoms straight away. My sleep is always much deeper and restorative after the sessions. I recommend Jules and this therapy for anyone struggling with a condition and just for an extra boost for your health generally. I look forward to my sessions and love that Jules has candles lit and relaxing music playing so I really do get a full therapeutic experience. Thank you Jules!
  • Helping Hands Essence Thank you for donating Helping Hands essence to the Grenfell Tower natural therapies clinic. We have found them invaluable. An easy, gentle option to calm the panic and help people so badly affected. We have had people returning and asking for more, so we know it helps. Many of the women liked having something safe that they could take to help their children. They have been putting it in bath water and room sprays as well as in their drinking water. It has been invaluable. Sara K
  • Helping Hands EssenceThe Helping Hands essence was given to my mum who is under a lot of stress at the moment. She took some before bed and reported the first decent night's sleep in months. Thank you. Sara K
  • Reflexology / Flower Essences I have benefitted from both Reflexology and Flower Essences from Julie. She is an excellent practitioner, and I really look forward to our monthly meetings, where following Reflexology I always come away floating on air. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs help in this way. Huw Morgan, Borrowash
  • Limbic Reflexology My son was diagnosed with aspergus in 2013. We started seeing Julie not long after the diagnosis. Joe was getting in to trouble at school and having trouble concentrating in lessons. His behaviour was becoming hard to control and was having behavioural incidents at school anf home daily. To begin joe had a reflexology treatment every week for six weeks and we saw a difference in his behaviour. Joe was calmer and school even noticed a difference in his behaviour. He found it easier to concentrate and engage with people. The length of time between the treatments were gradually lengthened and he now has reflexology every four weeks. Joe knows that this helps him and says it 'calms his head'. Andrea Spencer
  • Reflexology I have been coming to Julie for treatment now for a while. Firstly for anxiety and then to help me though my cancer treatment. I can honestly say reflexology has helped me massively and I would highly recommend it and more specifically Julie to anyone who has any health problems. I do not understand how it works, but in my opinion, it does! Caroline Scott MC Paramedic
  • Reflexology Julie is such an intuitive and skilled reflexologist. I have sought out her help with a variety of problems over the last 15 years and have always been so pleased with the powerful and effective results. Through her treatments I have not only found relief from some long standing chronic conditions, but come to a better understanding of how to keep myself healthy too. I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.
    I came to reflexology with no real expectations of success or failure, but have been really amazed by the very real and tangible results, I thought I would just always suffer from migraines, it was just a part of my make up, but I don't have it at all now, thank you very much! Carole Beavis
  • Reflexology I have found that Reflexology has been the answer to pains in my face and lower back pain. As a pensioner I could get medication free, but I am willing to pay for this treatment because I've found it works, without drugs or painkillers. My recent back pain improved after one hour seesion with Julie. Three days after the treatment I could lie in any position in bed, without shooting, not nagging pains. For the week before the treatment I could only sleep sitting in a chair. I had the same pain-relieving effect a couple of years ago when I had very painful neuralgia down the right side of my face. Pamela J Nelson
  • Julie is a wonderful and unique practitioner. I have seen several reflexologists throughout my life and have never come across one as experienced, wise and exceptional as Julie. Having had reflexology with Julie, I will now not ever go to anyone else. Her treatment has helped me recover from ME (which was very bad), to become pregnant and to recover from my pregnancies. I am so grateful to Julie and know that I would not feel this healthy without her treatments. She's wonderful. Sophie
  • ART Reflexology Julie Bowman: A Very experienced and effective ART Reflexologist. Julie has treated me for a variety of complaints starting in 1998, when I had an acute attack of cystitis and diverticulitis, neither of shich had responded to conventional drug treatment. With weekly and then fortnightly visits to Julie, within 6 weeks I was better.
    Since then, she has successfully treated me for imbalance in:
    A)glandular system B)digestive system C)urogenital system and D)muscular system &em; all this spread over 14 years.
    I now visit Julie regularly every 6 weeks to maintain my health, so I have little need to visit my GP
    Julie is a brilliant ART reflexologist with additional wide knowledge of other complimentary therapies. This system of balancing the energy flow in the body is healthgiving and non-invasive. Shirley Challis (Pharmasist at Weleda UK) 8/4/13
  • When I first visited Julie, I was in a bad way. Generally my energy was in my boots and physically I had many vague symptoms that left me feeling quite debilitated. I couldn't put my finger on the root cause of the problem. After just a few reflexology sessions with Julie my symptoms gradually subsided until eventually I could say that the previous symptoms dissipated. Thank you, Julie, for pinpointing the source of the problem and bringing me back on track. Evelyn Liddell MFHom(Pharm) May 2013
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