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We rely on water to drink, and so the quality of our water is crucial for good health.

All tap water in the UK contains chlorine, and traces of prozac and female hormone contraceptive in sufficient quantities to even change the shape of men's bellies according to research highlighted by The Sun newspaper in June 2011.

It has been shown that Oestrogen is a contributor to many cancers

If you would prefer to drink water without these additives, then you need either to buy mineral water - remember that spring water in bottles can be glorified tap water! and long term plastic bottle use has been shown to enhance oestrogen levels in the human system - so you may well need a GOOD filtration system!

We recommend the Freshly Squeezed water system. An undersink filtration system removes heavy metals, chlorine and dissolved materials. An extra tap by your sink delivers good clean fresh water.

Freshly Squeezed water Please quote FSW8101 in all correspondence