Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Julie has been using Flower Essences since 1984 when she found Rescue Remedy to be really helpful with herself and her young children
Since then Julie has completed courses with Bach Flower, Lightbringer, Bush Flower, Spirit in Nature (formerly Masters) and Petite Fleur Essences.
Julie has worked with flowers in her garden, and elsewhere
to bring you the Lotus Holistic Range.
Julie uses a wide range of essences, and has conducted extensive research into the effects of essences.
These gentle but effective essences have no side effects

Despite Lockdown, Julie has been sending essences all over the world to people who feel that their world is a better place with Lotus Holistic Essences in it. Click the "Lotus Holistic Essences" button above, to see the whole range

During Lockdown Julie can find the remedies you need, and can consult over the phone, or Zoom

 This is Julie's book of the essences
To get the book, click here

Julie Bowman MAR, MIIR, ART (Reg Hon Fellow), IHHT Dip, VCTC, BSY, SEN, Advanced Practitioner BFVEA
3 Mayfield Road
Call her NOW on 01332 280021   CNHC Registered 

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Prices: £35.00 per consultation
Vouchers available to use as Xmas gifts

Julie has been working in the complimentary therapy world since 1993
She trained with the International Institute of Reflexology, also
Advanced Reflexology Training with Tony Porter,
and is registered with the NHS Primary Care Trust.
Julie, as part of her continuing professional development
has trained with many adept teachers, and she also coordinates the Association Of Reflexology group locally Currently engaged on course (first in world) to study effects of reflexology on limbic system in brain - see reflexology above

Julie is a Master and Teacher of Reiki and Seichem (since 1998) (initiated in 1994)