Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Lotus Holistic Essences - available individually or in sets

Julie has been working on these essences since 2004

Back-On-Track    Keywords: direction, focus, anchors, realigns, discombobulated, turmoil
Chillax    Keywords: relax, calm, emotions, slumber,
Constellation Mix    Keywords: DNA, ancestral, disturbance, ancestral patterns, strength, supports
Electro Protector    Keywords: computers, settles, energy
Exam Study    Keywords: nerves, anxiety, fear, focus, memory
Helping Hands    Keywords: balances chakra system, shock, distress, anxiety, focus, alignment, boundaries, stress, emotions, rawness, anchor, emergency, trauma, disorientated,
Seaweed    Keywords: Ceremony, ritual, honouring, clears, protection, harmonisation, ley lines, closing portals, energetic disturbances,
Sunshine Lift    Keywords: depression, SAD, melancholia, uplifts, weary, grief,


They are available individually at £7.50 per essence, and £130.00 per set of 20 essences. Please call 01332 280021 to discuss or order