Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Lotus Holistic Essences - available individually or in sets

Julie has been working on these essences for 20 years

Angelica seed    crown, 3rd Eye, solar plexus, clarity, decisive, reflect, transitions, strength, healing, inner guidance, inner self, protection, psychic connections, networker
Apple Blossom    birth, joy, renewal, patience, tenacity, motivator, strength, wisdom, growth, focus, habit breakers, ancestral strength, addictions, habits
Belladonna    self esteem, negative body-image, anorexia, distorted view, clarity
Black Cohosh    courage, transformation, realignment, balance, cleansing, energises, puberty, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menopause, wise woman, crone, letting go, loss, peace, fear, abusive patterns, attachments
Black-Eyed-Susan (Rudbeckia)    burn out, strength, true Grit, positive outlook, inner resource's
Blackthorn    balances, calms, clears, supportive, stabilises, protective, purifies, renews, hope, joy, burdened, fatigue, toxic, weary, despair, fester,
Bluebell    flustered, fear, acceptance, authentic, on-course, change, safe, heart, go with the flow, purpose,
Boneset-Eupatorium-Perfoliatum    exhaustion, depleted, resets, release, reorientates, meridians, surrendering, unblocks,
Borage    fear, grief, loneliness, Identification, nurturing, community
Buddleia    depression, ancestral, confidence, pattern breaker, addictions, nurtures, lifts, feed the spirit, resilience
Calendula    throat, mouth, deep sadness, depression, melancholia, chaos, orders sunshine, laughter, happiness,
Camellia    confidence, protection, love, self-love heart, peace, safe, trust, stuck, soul, spirit, heart-break
Castor Oil Plant    focus, light, congested energy, regenerates
Chamomile    stress, anger,conflict, irritation,slumber, sleep, letting-go, relaxed, focus, lightens mood
Cherry Blossom    irritable, gloomy, grumpy, dismal, angelic, happiness, lightness, joy, good will, up beat, uplifts
Chicory    letting go, stuck, breaking patterns, ancestral, generational, clarity, resistance, conditioning.
Christmas Cacti (Moon)    constraint, limitations, restrictions, connects, settling at night, meditation, settles, serenity, peace, courage,
Christmas Cacti (Sun)    anchors, energy, manifests, realigns, connection, focus, grounding, harmonisation, Helping Hands
Christmas Rose (cream)    holding, settles, sooths, connection, peace, abundance, optimism, gratitude, joy, reflect, pregnancy support, patience
Clary-sage    chaos, adaptability, calmness, inner guidance, wisdom, transitions, labour, settles,
Cornflower    workaholics, obsessive, focus, awareness, kindness, humility, aspirations, aims
Cowslip    suppression, heavy hearted, sadness, burdened,prioritising, Heart, identity, strength, courage, ancestral
Cranesbill    centring, protection, aura, support, soul, strength, assertive, confidence, heart chakra
Creeping Buttercup    depression, deep-sadness, melancholia, self-love, nurturing, uplifts
Echinacea    trauma, triggers, integrity, reintegrates, identity, violence, PTSD
Elderflower    fear, turmoil, commotion, procrastinate, acceptance, ancestral, resilience, strength, flexibility, adapt
Forget me Not    revealer, focus, insights, hidden, accesses, dreams
Forsythia    addictions, fear, ancestral healing, direction, pattern breaker, deep sadness, desolation, courage
Foxglove (pink)    confusion, clarity, heart, perspective, manifesting
Gingko-Biloba    conflict, congested-thoughts, regroup, move on, release, hold space, clarity, emotional, mental bodies, harmonises, interdimensional, ancestral, peace
Goldenrod    blockages,
Great-Burnet    turmoil, conflict, calms, sooths, peace of mind, control, heart
Hazel Catkin    torment, confusion, conflict, freedom, confidence, self doubt, focus, decision
Henbane    cross-roads, illusion, stability, perspective, death, re-birth, ancestral curses
Hibiscus    uptight, calms, energy
Holly    irritation, anger, revenge,jealousy, resentment, fear, aggression,compassion, harmony, meditative, love, understanding, protection
Honesty    truth, gut-feeling, empower, honesty, self-respect
Inipi Moss    fire balancer, balance, grounding, energiser, insights, routes, filters, routes, rhythum
Iris-Germanic    blocked, despair, disgruntled, frustration,personal power, boundaries, creativity
Ivy    obstacles, disconnected, deceptions connections, resolutions, rhythms, clarity, healthy, resilience, grounding, roots,
Japanese Azalea    anger, mental anguish, turmoil, battered, bruised by life, addictions, energy, downloader, freedom, place, clarity, pattern breaker,
Japanese Azalea (Saki)    clarity, balances, release
Kefalonia Bamboo    strength, purpose, drive, cleanses
Kerria Japonica    scattered, harness, energy, release, emotions, action
Lacy-Phacelia    addictions, resources, trauma, incapacitates, convalescing, new-beginnings, nurtures, breath, restorative
Ladies Mantle    self-destruction, addictions, pattern breaker, cleanse, empower, protection, purpose
Lambs Ears    focus, purpose, smooths, strength, peace, quietens the chakras
Laurel    success, confidence, strive, night terrors, psychic protection
Lavender    frazzled mind, discombobulated, blocked, unemotional, depressed, melancholic, repressed, authentic
Lotus    expansive, insight, visions, power, clarity, flow, clarity
Mahonia    anger, fear, intimidated, ancsetral healing, warrior-spirit, quietens, peace, strength, fortitude, self-knowledge, discipline, courage, self-reliance, self-control, power
Mandrake    activator, anchor, grounding, boundaries, clarifies, self determination, stabilise, strength, resistant, courage, express, stright-talking
Marsh-Mallow    anger, anxiety, worry, hard-hearted, inner turmoil, ridgid, transitions, calms, letting go, moving on
Medlar    interference, stuck, meddling, interfere, brightness of spirit, humour, openness, releases
Mimulus    fear, anxieties, safe, confidence
Money Plant    energy, balances, calmness, soothes, alignment, harmonisation, abundance, manifests
Montbretia    fear,upheaval, battered brused by life, self sacrifice, confidence, decisions, release, peace, cleanse,
Mullein    bruised/battered by life, indecision, peace, inner light, realigns, inner self, gratitude rebirth
Nettle    anger, rage, old hurts, conflicts, connections, relationships, patience, electro-protector
New Zealand Flax    peace, forgiveness, letting go, realigns, release, reintegration
Orange Blossom    adjust, peace, forgiveness, letting go, realign, release, reintegration, remembrance, authentic
Ox Eye Daisy    un-complicate, clutter, clarifies, energy, youth
Peace Lily    forgiveness, resilience, release, geopathic stress, peace, calms the chakras
Pear    grief, peace, trauma, integrates
Peony    revealer, compassion, gentleness, defences, resistant, release
Pink Dog Rose    balances, generosity, kindness, patience, heart, lungs
Pink/White Hawthorn    custody battles, estranged family, stress, agression, divorce, heart warming, heart, self love, empathy, ancestral healing
Plum    adversity,
Poke root    anger, clutter, rage, male/ female balance, self,-control, responsibility, strength, security, grounding, balance, anchor
Pomegranate    unsavoury, chaos, frazzled, abused, lost soul parts, anchors, step-back, retreat, inner tranquillity, peace, spirit, safe, strengthens the, will, guidance
Pulsatilla    weepiness,vunerable, heart chakra, protector, healer, opener, emotional states, equilibrium
Red Flowering Currant    feminine, cleanser, nurturing, cares hope, self worth, boundaries, tie cutting
Rhododendron    boundaries, growth, strength, grounding, vitality, weakness, robust, power, core-strength
Rhubarb    timid, anxious, fear, confidence, flexibility, judgement, resilience
Rosebay Willowherb    panic, stress, disconnected, grounding, confusion, confidence, connection ,grounds, alert, aware, lifts mood
Rosemary    clarity, inner peace, protective, balance, power,
Rowan Berry    all chakra's, overload, head overloaded, protection, grounding, anchor, core strength
Rowan Blossom    protection, responsibility, purifies
Scabious    congestion, worry, clarity, quietens the mind, perseverance, determination, supportive
Scotch-Thistle    panic, fear, anxiety, crisis, shock, courage, supports, calms, strength, grounds, secure
Scurvy-Grass    vunerability, acceptance, beauty, value
Self Heal    stuck, gloomy, loss of hope, clarity, insight, courage, health, understanding, inner strength, balance, gratitude, faith, revives
Snow Drop    grief, heart-break, sadness, conflict, comfort, soothes, joy, rebirth, hope, strength
St-Johns-Wort    vunerability, depression, insomnia, melancholia, nightmares, fear, anxiety, peace, strength, optimism, protective, anchors, sleep
Sycamore    sweetness, nurturing, self, mother hen, emotional blockages, release, soothes, fear, emotions
Tobacco    grounding, release, shifts, stuck, transformation, envy, possessive, addictions, co-dependency, flexibility, narrow minded
Torbay Palm    aggitation, obstructions, ancestral obstructions, displaced, home sick, rawness, regeneration, cheerfulness, fulfilment, emotion blockages, homesick, adaptability, challenges, adoption, immigrants, homelessness
Turkish-Filbert    child-like, wonder, delight, veil lifter, nourishment, protection, supportive, uplifts
Valerian    sadness, PTSD, shock, raw, emotionally broken, disconnected, trauma, peace of mind
Viburnum Burkwoodii    vunerable, unhappy, support, reassure, identity, direction, hidden knowledge, akashic records,meditation, dreams, grounds
Vipers-Bugloss    addictions, victim mentality, communication, pattern breaker
White Dog Rose    simplicity
White Hawthorn    divorce, light, hope, resets, settles,impartial, transitions, new beginnings, strength, patience, quiet strength, steadfastness, tenacity, clarity, discernment, judgement, decision, impartial, remote viewing
White Lilac    confusion, chaos, clears, cleanses, negativity, protection, purity
White Rambling Rose    fragile,emotional rawness, vunerable,cushions, flexibility, soothing
White Sage    cleanse, purifies, aura
White Spirea    illusion, focus, realigns, higher perspective, balences chakra's
White-Yarrow    chakras, trauma, protective, aura
Wild Garlic    protection, uplifts, safe, clears, cleanses
Willow    clarity, gateway, flexibility, wisdom, overwhelmed
Wisteria    grief, deep sadness, embedded, release, rawness, peace
Yarrow    chakras, trauma, protective, aura
Yellow-Poppy    strength, fragile, vulnerable