Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Lotus Holistic Essences - available individually or in sets

Julie has been working on these essences since 2004

Angelica seed    Keywords: Clarity, decisive, reflect, transitions, strength, healing, inner guidance, inner self, protection, psychic connections
Apple Blossom    Keywords: birth, joy, renewal, patience, tenacity, motivator, strength, wisdom, growth, focus, habit breakers, ancestral strength,
Belladonna    Keywords: self esteem, negative body-image, Anorexia
Black Cohosh    Keywords: Courage, transformation, realignment, balance, cleansing, energises, puberty, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menopause, wise woman, crone, letting go, loss, peace, fear, abusive patterns, attachments
Black-Eyed-Susan    Keywords: 
Blackthorn    Keywords: balances, calms, clears, supportive, stabilises, protective, purifies, renews, hope, joy, burdened, fatigue, toxic, weary, despair, fester,
Bluebell    Keywords: acceptance, change, safe, heart, go with the flow, fear, flustered,
Boneset-Eupatorium-perfoliatum    Keywords: 
Buddleia    Keywords: depression, ancestral, confidence, pattern breaker, nurtures, lifts, feed the spirit
Calendula    Keywords: throat, mouth, deep sadness, depression, melancholia, chaos, orders sunshine, laughter, happiness,
Camellia    Keywords: confidence, protection, love, self-love heart, peace, safe, trust, stuck, soul, spirit,
Castor Oil Plant    Keywords: focus, light, congested energy, regenerates
Chamomile    Keywords: slumber, sleep, letting-go, relaxed, focus, anger, conflict, irritation, lightens mood, stress
Cherry Blossom    Keywords: Angelic, Happiness, lightness, joy, good will, up beat, uplifted, grumpy, gloomy, dismal, irritable,
Chicory    Keywords: 
Christmas Cacti (Moon)    Keywords: settles, serenity, peace, courage, constraint, limitations,
connects, settling at night, meditation
Christmas Cacti (Sun)    Keywords: anchors, energy, manifests, realigns, connection, focus, grounding, harmonisation, Helping Hands
Christmas Rose (cream)    Keywords: holding, settles, sooths, connection, peace, abundance, optimism, gratitude, joy, reflect, pregnancy support, patience
Clary-sage    Keywords: chaos, calmness, inner guidance, wisdom, Transitions, labour
Cornflower    Keywords: focus, awareness, kindness, humility, aspirations, aims, obsessive, workaholics,

Cowslip    Keywords: 
Cranesbill    Keywords: centring, protection, aura, support, soul, strength, assertive, confidence, heart chakra,
Creeping Buttercup    Keywords:  self-love, nurturing, uplifts, deep sadness, depression, melancholia,
Echinacea    Keywords: integrity, reintegrates, identity, deep trauma, triggers, violence, PTSD,
Elderflower    Keywords: acceptance, ancestral, resilience, strength, procrastinate, fear,
Forget me Not    Keywords: revealer, focus, insights,
Forsythia    Keywords: ancestral healing, pattern breaker, deep sadness, desolation, courage
Foxglove    Keywords: 
Great-Burnet    Keywords:  calms, sooths, peace of Mind, control, heart, conflict, turmoil,
Hazel Catkin    Keywords: freedom, confidence, self doubt, focus, decision,
torment, confusion
Henbane    Keywords: 
Hibiscus    Keywords: uptight, calms, energy
Holly    Keywords: compassion, harmony, love, understanding, protection, anger, aggression, fear, jealousy, revenge, resentment, irritation,
Honesty    Keywords: truth, gut-feeling, empower,
Inipi Moss    Keywords: fire balancer, balance,
Iris-Germanic    Keywords: personal power, boundaries, creativity, blocked, despair, disgruntled, frustration,
Ivy    Keywords: resolutions, clarity, resilience, deceptions, disconnected, grounding, roots, obstacles,
Japanese Azalea    Keywords: energy, downloader, freedom, place, clarity, pattern breaker, mental anguish, battered, bruise by life,
Japanese Azalea (Saki)    Keywords:  clarity, balances, release,
Kefalonia Bamboo    Keywords:  strength, purpose, drive, cleanses
Kerria Japonica    Keywords:  harness, scatter, energy, release, emotions, action
Lacy-Phacelia    Keywords: 
Ladies Mantle    Keywords: pattern breaker, cleanse, empower, protection, purpose,
self destruction
Lambs Ears    Keywords: focus, smooths, strength, peace, quietens the chakras,
Laurel    Keywords:  success, confidence, strive, night terrors, psychic protection,
Lavender    Keywords: 
Lotus    Keywords:  expansive, insight, visions, power, clarity
Mahonia    Keywords: warrior, spirit, quietens, peace, strength, fortitude, self-knowledge, discipline, courage, self-reliance, anger, self-control, fear, intimidate,
Mandrake    Keywords: activator, anchor, grounding, boundaries, clarifies, self determination, stabilise, strength, resistant
Marsh-Mallow    Keywords: Calms inner turmoil, Transitions, Rigidness, hard hearted, Anger, Anxiety, worry,
Medlar    Keywords: openness, humour, brightness of spirit,
Mimulus    Keywords: fear, anxieties, safe, confidence
Money Plant    Keywords: energy, balances, calmness, soothes, alignment, harmonisation, abundance,
Montbretia    Keywords: fear, confidence, decisions, upheaval, release, peace, cleanse, land, battered, self sacrifice,
Mullein    Keywords: Peace, inner light, realigns, inner self, gratitude rebirth, Bruised/battered by life, indecision,
Nettle    Keywords: conflict, relationships, patience, anger, rage, old hurts,
New Zealand Flax    Keywords:  peace, forgiveness, letting go, realigns, release, reintegration,
Orange Blossom    Keywords: adjust, peace, forgiveness, letting go, realign, release, reintegration, remembrance, authentic
Ox Eye Daisy    Keywords:  un-complicate, clutter, clarifies, energy, youth,
Peace Lily    Keywords: forgiveness, resilience, release, geopathic stress, peace, calms the Chakras
Pear    Keywords: peace, trauma, grief,
Peony    Keywords: revealer, compassion, gentleness, defences, resistant, release,
Pink Dog Rose    Keywords: balances, generosity, kindness, patience,
Pink/White Hawthorn    Keywords:  heart warming, self love, empathy, ancestral healing, stress, aggression, divorce, custody battles, estranged family,
Plum    Keywords: adversity,
Poke root    Keywords: male female balance, self,-control, responsibility, strength, security, grounding, balance, anchor, clutter, anger, rage
Pomegranate    Keywords:  anchors, inner tranquillity, chaos, lost soul parts, spirit, safe, strength, will, guidance, unsavoury
Pulsatilla    Keywords: weepiness, heart chakra, protector, healer, opener, vulnerable, emotional states, equilibrium,
Red Flowering Currant    Keywords:  feminine, cleanser, nurturing, cares hope, self worth, boundaries, tie cutting,
Rhododendron    Keywords:  boundaries, growth, strength, grounding, vitality, weakness, robust, power, core strength,
Rhubarb    Keywords:  timid, anxious, fear, confidence, flexibility, judgement, resilience,
Rosebay Willowherb    Keywords: grounding, confusion, , disconnection, connection, alert, aware, confusion, lifts mood, stress
Rosemary    Keywords: clarity, inner peace, protective, balance,
Rowan Berry    Keywords: all chakra's, overload, head overloaded, protection, grounding, anchor, core strength
Rowan Blossom    Keywords: protection, responsibility, purifies
Scabious    Keywords: clarity, quietens the mind, perseverance, worry, determination, congestion,
Scotch-Thistle    Keywords: Courage, supports, calms, strength, Grounds, Secure, Fear, Crisis, Anxiety, shock, panic,
Scurvy-Grass    Keywords: acceptance, beauty, value, vulnerability,
Self Heal    Keywords: clarity, insight, courage, health, understanding, inner strength, balance, gratitude, faith, revives,
stuck, gloomy, hope lost,
Snow Drop    Keywords: strength, grief, heart-break, sadness, conflict, comfort, soothes, joy, rebirth, hope
St-Johns-Wort    Keywords: Peace, strength, optimism, protective, anchors, sleep, anxiety, nightmares, Fear, melancholia, depression. Vulnerability,
Sycamore    Keywords: sweetness, nurturing, self, mother hen, emotional blockages, release, soothes, fear, emotions
Tobacco    Keywords: grounding, release, shifts, stuck, transformation, envy, possessive, addictions, co-dependency
Torbay Palm    Keywords: regeneration, adaptability, cheerfulness, fulfilment,
agitation, emotion blockages, homesick, displaced, ancestral obstructions, challenges, rawness, adoption
Valerian    Keywords: sadness, PTSD, Shock, Raw, Emotionally Broken, Disconnected, trauma Peace of mind,
Viburnum Burkwoodii    Keywords: support, reassure, vulnerable, unhappy, identity, direction, hidden knowledge, Akashic records
Vipers-Bugloss    Keywords: victim mentality, communication, pattern breaker,
White Dog Rose    Keywords: simplicity,
White Hawthorn    Keywords: light, hope, resets, settles, transitions, new beginnings, strength, patience, quiet strength, steadfastness, tenacity, clarity, discernment, judgement, decision, impartial, remote viewing,
White Lilac    Keywords: confusion, chaos, clears, cleanses, negativity, protection, purity,
White Rambling Rose    Keywords: cushions, flexibility, soothing
fragile, emotional rawness, vulnerable
White Sage    Keywords: cleanse, purifies, aura
White Spirea    Keywords:  balances chakras
focus, realigns, higher perspective,
Wild Garlic    Keywords: protection, uplifts, safe, clears, cleanses,
Willow    Keywords: 
Wisteria    Keywords: grief, deeply, embedded, release, rawness, peace
Yarrow    Keywords: Chakras, trauma, protective
Yellow-Poppy    Keywords: Strength, Fragile, vulnerable