Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Lotus Holistic Essences - available individually or in sets

Julie has been working on these essences for 20 years, and these particular essences were made on the Field in Ilkeston - with the kind permission of Weleda. They are made with organic bio-dynamic brandy.

Angelica seed    crown, 3rd Eye, solar plexus, clarity, decisive, reflect, transitions, strength, healing, inner guidance, inner self, protection, psychic connections, networker
Belladonna    self esteem, negative body-image, anorexia, distorted view, clarity
Black Cohosh    courage, transformation, realignment, balance, cleansing, energises, puberty, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menopause, wise woman, crone, letting go, loss, peace, fear, abusive patterns, attachments
Black-Eyed-Susan (Rudbeckia)    burn out, strength, true Grit, positive outlook, inner resource's
Blackthorn    balances, calms, clears, supportive, stabilises, protective, purifies, renews, hope, joy, burdened, fatigue, toxic, weary, despair, fester,
Boneset-Eupatorium-Perfoliatum    exhaustion, depleted, resets, release, reorientates, meridians, surrendering, unblocks,
Borage    fear, grief, loneliness, Identification, nurturing, community
Calendula    throat, mouth, deep sadness, depression, melancholia, chaos, orders sunshine, laughter, happiness,
Chamomile    stress, anger,conflict, irritation,slumber, sleep, letting-go, relaxed, focus, lightens mood
Chicory    letting go, stuck, breaking patterns, ancestral, generational, clarity, resistance, conditioning.
Clary-sage    chaos, adaptability, calmness, inner guidance, wisdom, transitions, labour, settles,
Cowslip    suppression, heavy hearted, sadness, burdened,prioritising, Heart, identity, strength, courage, ancestral
Echinacea    trauma, triggers, integrity, reintegrates, identity, violence, PTSD
Goldenrod    blockages,
Great-Burnet    turmoil, conflict, calms, sooths, peace of mind, control, heart
Henbane    cross-roads, illusion, stability, perspective, death, re-birth, ancestral curses
Iris-Germanic    blocked, despair, disgruntled, frustration,personal power, boundaries, creativity
Ivy    obstacles, disconnected, deceptions connections, resolutions, rhythms, clarity, healthy, resilience, grounding, roots,
Lacy-Phacelia    addictions, resources, trauma, incapacitates, convalescing, new-beginnings, nurtures, breath, restorative
Lavender    frazzled mind, discombobulated, blocked, unemotional, depressed, melancholic, repressed, authentic
Marsh-Mallow    anger, anxiety, worry, hard-hearted, inner turmoil, ridgid, transitions, calms, letting go, moving on
Mullein    bruised/battered by life, indecision, peace, inner light, realigns, inner self, gratitude rebirth
Poke root    anger, clutter, rage, male/ female balance, self,-control, responsibility, strength, security, grounding, balance, anchor
Pulsatilla    weepiness,vunerable, heart chakra, protector, healer, opener, emotional states, equilibrium
Rosemary    clarity, inner peace, protective, balance, power,
Scotch-Thistle    panic, fear, anxiety, crisis, shock, courage, supports, calms, strength, grounds, secure
Scurvy-Grass    vunerability, acceptance, beauty, value
St-Johns-Wort    vunerability, depression, insomnia, melancholia, nightmares, fear, anxiety, peace, strength, optimism, protective, anchors, sleep
Tobacco    grounding, release, shifts, stuck, transformation, envy, possessive, addictions, co-dependency, flexibility, narrow minded
Turkey-Tail-Bracket-Fungus    soul parts, emotional /energy cleanser, protective. Inner-child, nourishing
Valerian    sadness, PTSD, shock, raw, emotionally broken, disconnected, trauma, peace of mind
Vipers-Bugloss    addictions, victim mentality, communication, pattern breaker
White-Yarrow    chakras, trauma, protective, aura
Yarrow    chakras, trauma, protective, aura