Julie Bowman
Lotus Holistic        

Lotus Holistic Essences - available individually or in sets

Julie has been working on these essences since 2004

Bifurcaria    Keywords: life tensions, stress, conflict, relationships, unsettled, confusion, objectivity, clarity, resolution, unties knots, problems solver, Akashic records
Blackpool Mill    Keywords: cleanser, de-clutter, space
Caherdaniel Bladderwrack    Keywords: chaos, fear, turmoil, safe, sooths, calms
Corallejo - Halimeda tuna    Keywords: toxic, relationships, environment, land, toxic, energy
Coralline    Keywords: chakra balancer, rebooting, rebuilds, restores, strength, clarifies, distress, stress, empower
Derrynane Kelp    Keywords: irritation, anger,
Iona    Keywords: dark night of soul, deep melancholia, disconnection, aloofness, mental anguish, lonely, depression, melancholia
recharge, element rebalancer, discernment, reconnects, calm, invigorates
Kefalonia    Keywords: purifies, cleanses, thoughts, filters emotions,
Kelp    Keywords: focus, faith, change, pattern breaker, trauma, shock, people , animal, land
Kelp-holdfast    Keywords: disorientated, unification, calm, empower, synchronisation, dizziness, imbalances before and after travel
Mull    Keywords: isolation, loneliness, forlornness, displaced, bereft, emptiness, depression, turmoil, trauma, melancholia,
belonging, land, balance, equilibrium,
Oxwich Bay    Keywords: intimidate, bullied, abuse, disturbance
non-reactive, tranquillity, clarity, cleanse, cleaner, psychic disturbance, powerful clearer
Runswick-Bay    Keywords: Balance, rebalances
Sea Lettuce    Keywords: tension, undercurrents, enables, smooths, flow
Ulva    Keywords: cleaning, cleanses, refreshing, declutter, letting go, release, invigorates, chi-balancer,